Monday, December 19, 2011

salty love

After an amazing holiday season i'm starting to dream of warm water and thundering waves. I walk by my thick 6mm wetsuit everyday on my way into the studio...and continue on. I know that with hard work and patience  I'll get there. I'm alright with forgoing some of the  frigid atlantic surf sessions where I feel like the michelin man for the few extra hours spent working. I'll still go for a dip in the sea, just to be in it. Try to surf, laugh at the awkwardness. The ocean is healing no matter what the conditions, but nothing can replicate the feeling of warm silky water rushing around me. For now in order to calm those cravings I'll make work that reminds me of those moments... green and glassy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

a gentle reminder

"i need this reminder. and i figure if i need it, then there are some of you out there that need it too. there’s something about seeing the written word to go with his thoughts that really drive this message home to me. (to be kind to myself) to have patience with myself as i ebb and flow on this creative path. it’s hard work to navigate the way while you are forging the way." ~Meredith Winn


busy busy busy. not much time lately for updating the blog, or surfing, climbing or friends lately...but lot's happening in the studio!
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