Saturday, July 30, 2011


in between mornings spent sipping coffee on the porch and climbing into bed with the windows open there is a quiet summer that dances in and out of days. almost overlooked in the rush to take in as much sun and outdoor activity that will fit into the short summer months of new england. soft quiet moments flit in and out, gone almost before they begin. It's a pleasure to tease them out of their hiding places and  grab them tightly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


when night falls and the wee one is sleeping I recapture the feeling that drew me to making jewelry. silence fills my studio, the stresses of everyday life trickle away and creativity takes over that space. before long the air becomes heavy with the tapping of my hammer and smooth ripping sound of the saw against metal. The sweet pungent smells of flux and pickle comfort me as I solder, heat and re-heat. the ideas and inspiration stored up from days in the ocean and evenings in the garden that i was sure were lost forever gather themselves together and organize into more ideas than i have time for. i used to spend 40+ hours a week in my studio, now i'm lucky if i spend 4.

Finding the balance between work and play, Ryder time and mommy time, cleaning jobs and jewelry is a constant challenge. A wonderful one though because the rewards are so sweet when everything comes together. Coming off of a week where thoughts of getting a 'real job' were becoming a reality, I had a great show in Marion, MA. full of excited customers who loved my work and actually bought a bunch of it.  then i got to spend the last three steamy summer days at the beach, building sand castles and playing in the surf watching my son grow with every tumble under the waves.
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