Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Put a Ring on It

a little blog love for one of my favorite pieces to make. Recycled sterling silver band with 14k gold pin detail. 

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Brian's second anniversary ringAs you may know, we recently celebrated our very first wedding anniversary! As part of the festivities, we decided to get new wedding bands that, we hope, will kick off a yearly tradition of sitting down together to find some new bling. Seems fun, right? Well, it was also kinda tough. We really wanted some rings that would go together. Not necessarily matching rings or anything like that, but rings that were similar in some way. Eventually we found two that we both liked on their own, but also happened to go together (marriage is about compromise, right?).
Sarah's 2nd Anniversary Ring
Sarah’s ring (from Meander) is very simple and dainty, but the curves echo the rounded inlays of my ring (from Harmony Winters)…and thus, a match was born!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a little bright and shiny

While I'm still editing the wedding jewelry photos I'd intended to share last month, here's a little splash of color to welcome summer.

 I'm working on getting these glass button earrings ⤵   ready to be a happy little wholesale item. (sold in galleries)

 They look so simple but a lot goes into getting one little product ready for the world. Days and sometimes years of trial and error, research and development go into the making each little piece of jewelry, whether it's a simple earring or a complicated necklace.  These are getting close to finalization...just a few adjustments such as streamlining colors, sizes, metal etc. and they'll be 'done' and I can move onto the next project.

One of the many fun parts of working with glass is choosing colors. Here's a sample from one of the manufacturers, many of which are small companies hand pulling the color rods.  Too many choices = paralyzing.  Then throw in the names like Elphaba, Slytherin, Grumpy Bear, Heffalump and I want them all!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

it's wedding jewelry time!

 For the past few weeks I've been hammering away until late at night working on 6 sets of bridesmaids jewelry and one for the bride. It's been so much fun customizing each set.
Each girl will receive a set of 3 hammered silver bangles with a mix of aquamarine, emerald, amethyst and blue sapphire gemstones and a hand cut star or flower.
The bride is getting a mix of pearl, aquamarine (faceted and cabochon) and white sapphire.
They're also getting earrings to match...hammered silver hoops and moss aquamarine stones.
 The best part is I'm one of the bridesmaids so I get to be there for the gift giving moment at the beach wedding in Puerto Rico!

Monday, April 2, 2012

kid friendly green smoothie

This is a fun and healthy smoothie to make with the kiddo's.  Ryder came up with this a few months ago. He wanted to make a green drink, so he pulled all of the green fruit and veggies out of the refrigerator. (I put the zucchini back :)

1 pear
1 kiwi
1 avocado
1 small bunch of kale
1 tbs wheatgrass powdered or fresh
1/2 tsp. fresh grated ginger
2 cups sugar free apple juice 

blend for a few minutes

Saturday, March 10, 2012

growing wheat grass

Ah, wheat grass. I love it for the health benefits and am now happy to discover how easy and fun and it is to grow! 
 I've been drinking powdered wheat grass for a few years and didn't know much more than it has alkaline, detoxifying and regenerative properties. Simply, it makes me feel amazing, soothes my acidic stomach, energizes me and reduces recovery time after climbing or surfing. It doesn't make much sense to buy it regularly if I can grow it myself and I'm all over anything to bring the source of what I consume closer to home. While researching how to grow it I also want to know exactly why it makes me feel so good and why I'm bothering to take the time to do this. Time is valuable around here!  Unfortunately it's difficult to find unbiased information on this topic with so many sites selling something, some leaning heavily in the benefits direction while their opponents feel strongly against it. So the search for information continues... meanwhile I'm following my intuition and greening it up!

   Regardless of the details it's fun to grow. So juice it, feed it to your cats, do a science project with the kiddo's, or just to add a little green sparkle to your house during the dark winter months.  

How to grow wheat grass...

You will need:

-1 pound of hard red wheat berries (found in the bulk bin in the grocery store or see resources below)
-2 planting trays about 2 inches deep. 1 with holes and one without. If you can find one with small drainage holes, that's best. Trays with large drainage holes should be lined with a sheet of newspaper before adding soil.
-1 bag of soil (organic if you'll be juicing) 
-sand (if you are growing without drainage)
-plastic bag or another planting tray to create a dark environment while sprouting
-watering can or kitchen sink sprayer 

Now the fun stuff...

-rinse and soak the seeds for 8-12 hours. rinse again

-spread about 2 inches of soil in your tray. (lay about an inch of sand down first if you have no drainage)

-sprinkle about 1/2 inch of seeds over the soil (too many and they will get moldy) spraying with a mixture of baking soda and kelp extract can prevent mold as will constant airflow.

 -water well

 -cover and keep moist-  I used a recycled plastic bag but another growing flat works great too. water twice a day.

-in about two days you'll see the roots begin to grow and little green shoots. it's time to uncover and give them a little sun!  water about twice a day.

-if you are growing to juice (you need a juicer specific for wheatgrass) cut about 3/4 of it's length when it's about 8-10 inches tall or right before it parts (grows two shoots) juice away and enjoy!


sand in the house was too irresistible

our setup

yup...there were seeds everywhere

Ryder was in charge of his own jar. It was great watching how excited he was to water it every morning and evening. He did drown the first batch, but has been very careful with the second. 
It's fun watching the roots extend down into the soil through the glass jars and a great way to teach about plant science.

Day four
It grows about an inch a day!

books  (please consider your local bookstore or library first...keep it local :)

Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine by Steve Meyerowitz

The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

web -

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