Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's late May and the waters off the northeast coast of the Atlantic are starting to warm into the 50's. After a winter of infrequent surf sessions in frigid water it's finally time to test the temps and take off the hood. After checking a few spots my friend Heather and I found some waves that looked promising. We paddled out through the warm foggy mist, chatting about her upcoming wedding, climbing etc. It was late morning, soft rolling waist high swells with no one out. The fog was burning off and the smell...oh the smell. It doesn't happen too often but it's pure, fresh air. Blowing in from across the ocean for hundreds of miles. Sweet and thick,  picking up the life and energy of the water. It excites me, like the smell after it rains or before a thunder storm.

I was starting to feel anxious about not being in the studio working when I realized...THIS IS IT. Everything I work, struggle and stress for is happening right now, in this very moment. Duh, you may be thinking. The thing is I am perpetually broke, never feeling secure enough to comfortably allow myself these 'irresponsible' moments. Since I'm self employed I am always on. Work surrounds me every waking moment. There is always something I 'should' (see, that word again) be doing. Once I let this thought percolate for a bit I took a deep sweet breath...looked up at the pale yellow light beginning to peek through the clouds and felt the energy of the glassy green ocean flow through me and let go. Then let in the feeling of being truly thankful for this moment and all the wonderful elements that surround me.

Disclaimer: This happens every time I go surfing after a few weeks or months out of the water. I just forget. It's scary to think how easy it is to forget how healing and absolutely essential our passions are.

These last two images are from Wolfgang Bloch. simple. powerful. beautiful.


  1. Hi H............we all need peace & tranquility

  2. Awesome work! Keep posting good material.


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